Storyboard Supervisor 
Angelo Rules (season 3)  52 episodes x 22 minutes. Directed by Max Maleo & Thierry Marchand.
Story Artist
 Angelo Rules 2 +Angelo Christmas Special 2023
 Shaun The Sheep season 2
 Raving Rabbids 1
 Mandarine & Cow 2
and several projects in development.
Please get in touch with me for the password.

Clash of Clans: The legend of Ice Hound (2019). 

Short Add for Supercell's video game. Made @ Digital Banana.
Watch finished work:

Skylander Academy (2017). 
Episode 201 Storyboard Sample.

Angelo Rules (2015)
Episode 303 Storyboard Sample.

Animatic sample. Episode 1, saison 2  “Spyromania”.
Link to Episode on Netflix (France)
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